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Thursday, November 27, 2008



My dear fans,


I am sorry for having no other choice then to carry out my duty I have towards you.
As you might started to imag
ine and guess my personal conditions couldn't have been recovered fast enough and good enough.

Please believe me that everything possible was done for me to come back in health and better conditions, but the time did not last, to come back as a complete support for the band.

Please try to find understanding that I have decided that I have no other choice then to declaim all the honours and titles you wanted to give to me.


This makes me sad, but some things can't be like I want them to be .


I will always be in your mind in the way I wanted to be for you ...And I will stay with you .

But I can't stay any longer as a part of Cinema Bizarre.

Which means that I will leave the band from now on.


Let me simply go on as the one I have been for you.


I wish the band luck on their way.


Keep me in your hearts.

Your Moonlight.




tako ce mi nedostajati...
ali ga zamenjuje Romeo wiiii
ahh Romeo ljubav mojaaaa

ali bwaaaaaaaa
jako missam Luminora vec...
nadam se da ce ozdraviti uskoro i biti u novom bendu...

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